Pet Stains and Odour Treatment

Pet stain, dog stain, and pet odour smell cleaning in Kelowna BC

Pet odours can be unpleasant for you and your family and a source of embarrassment when company comes to visit. Odour control and good hygiene are important to the health of your family, your pet, and your floors! Pet urine can leave permanent stains, discoloration, and even bleach the color out of carpets so it is important that is properly treated as soon as possible after the "event" occurs..

Facts About Dog and Cat Urine:

1. Urine starts as an acid and changes to an alkaline salt over time.
2. Urine salt attracts moisture and breed bacteria.
3. Bacteria produce a bad odor.
4. Urine does not dry - it can remain sticky for years

Pet stain, cat stain, and pet odour removal in Kelowna BC

How We Treat Pet Stains:

Darelyn’s professionals use several different inspection methods to identify the areas of urine contamination. Our technicians carry a black light which can locate unseen pet odor sources for the best treatment results. Once identified, the stained areas are pre-treated to enable much of the urine to be extracted during the cleaning process. Stained areas can also be injected with enzymes when required. Darelyn Carpet Services can achieve excellent results for you by using our professional pet stain cleaning methods and techniques.

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